“Every person everywhere joyfully engaged in music”

It’s no secret private music lessons are the most effective form of music education. But if you’re like many people around the world, affording them is a challenge.

We at Practicing Musician set out to create a revolutionary online service that delivers the effectiveness of private music lessons at a price that rivals that of much less effective online video tutorial services.

Our combination of industry-leading e-learning tools and world-class, award-winning music teachers takes self-regulated music learning to a new level, making learning to play an instrument possible for everyone, everywhere.

Does Practicing Musician Produce Results? Absolutely! Students and educators in private and public schools love our service, as do individuals between the ages of 8-70 who have successfully learned to an instrument using our service at home. Teachers using Practicing Musician report a marked improvement in proficiency for students using our service, compared to students who did not.

In this blog you’ll learn more about our vision, and how Practicing Musician works. You’ll also learn about our exciting next—and final—phase of development that will complete our vision to bring the private music learning experience to everyone, everywhere.

How It Works

In order to deliver our uniquely effective e-learning experience, the Practicing Musician team deconstructed the private lesson process:

Private Lesson Process



Then we spent 3 years combining that process with the most recent data from research that studied human development, cognition, and learning technologies. The result is that you can access the private lesson experience right from the comfort of your own home:

Practicing Musician FeaturesSimplicity is at the heart of the Practicing Musician method as we walk you through meeting your world-class teacher, picking out your instrument—then learning how to play via step-by-step video tutorials. Our video production team is composed of Emmy award winning talent, and our video tutorials are organized into a growing library of chapters.


Ode To Joy Sheet Music

We also seamlessly integrate sheet music and are currently raising money to license the industry-leading assessment software, gamified to make practicing fun. You will either play sheet music that has been previously demonstrated in video tutorials or sight-read sheet music to practice recently learned concepts. Assessment software provides immediate feedback and post-playing assessment as if a private teacher had listened to you play.

Private teachers know that you will only learn if you are inspired and motivated to learn. Our video interviews and performances will inspire and motivate you, regardless of your level of proficiency.

Practicing Musician teachers are top talent from prestigious and renowned music organizations, such as the Seattle Symphony and The Juilliard School. We suggest you watch interviews and performances with all of our teachers as you continue on your path as a Practicing Musician.

Some lofty claims have been made here, but seeing is believing. We invite you to try out Practicing Musician’s private lesson experience for yourself. It’s free to use through September, after which you can continue for a monthly introductory subscription fee of only $9.99. Judge for yourself if Practicing Musician isn’t the easiest, most effective way to learn to play an instrument available today.

People Love Practicing MusicianWhen you use Practicing Musician, you will notice the assessment software has been deactivated. That is because our in-house developed assessment tool did not meet our rigid expectation of world-class quality. So we went on a hunt for the best assessment software available, anywhere.

To lease this incredible software and complete our vision, Practicing Musician is raising money to further its efforts to bring music education to everyone, everywhere.  We anticipate the software being available for use on our site by September 2020.