Music Micro Tutoring.

Quality private instruction at a fraction of the cost.

Free music education and micro tutoring available
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Why Micro Tutoring?

Do you love using Practicing Musician’s free courses but want expert real-time feedback?

  • Feedback from an expert can greatly accelerate your learning.

  • Traditional private instruction is great but expensive.

  • Automated feedback apps solely focus on the objective qualities of pitch and rhythm – significantly reducing the development of musical expression inherent in real musicianship.

How Micro Tutoring Works


Music Curriculum Metaphor

FIRST: Our expert teachers guide your learning by assigning online tutorials and exercises created by expert musicians.


Music Curriculum Metaphor

SECOND: You can learn and practice on your own time, rewatching each lesson as required for full comprehension at no additional charge.


Music Curriculum Metaphor

THIRD: You receive feedback from your teacher during their next micro session; then the process repeats.

Practicing Musician’s micro tutoring is your answer.

Hire one of our expert private teachers for weekly, high-quality micro tutoring. Our teachers specialize in the following instruments:
Concert Band: alto saxophone | clarinet | euphonium | flute | french horn | oboe | percussion | tenor saxophone | trombone | trumpet | tuba
Orchestral Strings: cello | upright bass | viola | violin


Live feedback from an expert private teacher allows you to rest assured that you will fully comprehend each concept and develop good technique at each stage of development.


Our micro tutoring model is founded upon up-to-date research on how humans learn to provide a more efficient and effective experience than traditional private lessons, let alone automated feedback apps.



A 60-minute private lesson in the U.S. costs $60 on average. Our micro tutoring is about 1/3 the price – only $90 monthly for four lessons. Reduce your cost even further by purchasing three- or twelve-month packages.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability when it comes to your music education.



Number of sessions

Weekly tutorials

Weekly exercises/songs

Weekly assignments

Weekly one-on-one feedback

Switch teachers at any time

Switch instruments at any time

Annual instrument giveaway*

Monthly 30-minute workshop**






(save $20/Quarter)




(Save $100/year) 


*Secure entry to an annual drawing for an instrument. 1 in 100 will win.
**Group workshops are live. Schedules are posted monthly.

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