Professional Development Roundtable

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Practicing Musician’s Professional Development Roundtable is a team of educators across the United States collaborating with the Practicing Musician administrative team to identify the professional development needs of teachers and homeschool parents and facilitate training in those areas. In addition, Roundtable Representatives work with national and state organizations, districts, and music educators to understand the interconnectedness of our nation’s music education system so that Practicing Musician can continue to design innovative instructional, assessment, and support tools that are simple and effective.

Our mission is to make sure every teacher and homeschool parent has the training and tools required to speak to the specific expressive needs and aesthetic sensibilities of every practicing musician.

Roundtable Representatives

PD Roundtable Chair

K-12 Music Teacher and
Director of Bands,
Billings R-IV
School District.

Billings, Missouri

Roundtable Representative

Retired 5th grade Beginning Band/String teacher, Poway Unified School District.

San Diego, California

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