Meet the Practicing Musician Team!

Jake Douglass
Jake DouglassFounder & CEO
“Playing music begets a transcendent presence that can only be experienced through a deep mind, body, and spirit connection – which makes learning an instrument an ideal catalyst for growth.”
Stacey Swanson
Stacey SwansonDirector of Operations
“I believe everyone deserves access to a musical education. It’s a powerful tool for expression and identity, and helps to foster skills needed in life such as perseverance, patience, interacting with others, and working towards a goal.”
Margo Tsunemori
Margo TsunemoriCares Manager
“Music starts in the womb with the beat of a heart and continues to enrich us throughout our lives. Teaching children to nurture that connection is my passion. Continuing to do this through Practicing Musician brings me an abundance of joy.”
Ed Rogan
Ed RoganChief of Staff
“The universal truths present in music that transcend culture and language are undeniable, immediate, and supremely powerful.”
Rondi Marsh
Rondi MarshDirector of Events
“There is no greater joy for me than seeing the spark in a child learning to play music.”