How do I contact Practicing Musician?2021-10-11T13:22:14+00:00
Email [email protected] and we will reply within 24 hours.
How do I create an educator account with Practicing Musician?2021-10-11T12:52:20+00:00

To create an educator account:

  1. Click HERE.
  2. Complete the form:
  3. Confirm your Practicing Musician account via the email entered on the form above.
How do I set up my student’s accounts?2021-10-11T13:13:57+00:00
To set up your student’s accounts:
  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click Class Administration in your top navigation bar:
  3. Click download sample csv:
  4. Find and open csv_template.csv:
  5. Fill in your student’s information:

    • Filling in each student’s correct class and school will automatically organize them to save you time when you assign content and assess student work.
  6. Save the file after you’ve entered all student information.
  7. Click Choose File:

  8. Choose the saved csv file:
  9. Click Import Students:
What instruments can be learned on Practicing Musician?2021-10-11T13:16:27+00:00
The instruments your students can learn on Practicing Musician include:

How do I change my password?2021-10-11T13:17:19+00:00
To change your password:
  1. Click on your name:
  2. Click Settings:
  3. Click Update Password:
Can I get a walkthrough of how to get students started with assignments?2021-10-11T13:18:35+00:00
To get started with assignments:
  1. Click Achievements in your top navigation bar:
  2. Click + next to the school you want to manage:
  3. Click the Class you want to manage:
  4. Click the Student you want to manage:
  5. Students can assign their own primary instrument by logging into their account, or you may assign one by clicking Assign Primary Instrument:

    • Students may not assign additional instruments, but you may assign them by clicking Assign Another Instrument:
  6. Click on Chapter accordions to reveal LessonsPractices, and Units:

    • Lessons are video tutorials:
    • Practices are sheet music:
    • Units are groupings of Lessons and Practices: