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Why Practicing Musician?

We know it’s a challenge to include instrumental music education in your homeschooled child’s learning plan.

  • Hiring a private teacher is great but expensive. If you have three kids in lessons, the monthly fees can easily add up to over $500 every month.

  • Scheduling a lesson is a pain, driving your kids around constantly is stressful, and the price of gas these days increases the cost even further.

  • With a full week between lessons, it’s easy for children to forget what they have learned and develop bad habits that require even more time and money to correct.

    How Practicing Musician will help.

    Practicing Musician provides self-paced online multimedia curriculum for 15 instruments that are free. Forever.
    Concert band: alto saxophone | clarinet | euphonium | flute | french horn | oboe | percussion | tenor saxophone | trombone | trumpet | tuba
    Orchestral strings: cello | upright bass | viola | violin


    Our curriculum blends up-to-date education research best practices with technology, time-tested instrumental pedagogy, and the National Core Arts Standards.


    We offer free and paid parent training options to help you facilitate your children’s learning with our sequenced instructional videos, sheet music, assignments, and assessments.

    Optional Feedback

    Does your child need one-on-one help? Guidance and feedback from our expert teachers via optional micro tutoring is a fraction of the cost of traditional 30 or 60-minute private lessons.

    Want to know more?

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    Give your child the lifelong gift of music.

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    You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability when it comes to your child’s music education.

    Practicing Musician provides a pathway to learning music for your child.

    Smarter; not harder.
    • Faster: the ability to play occurs more quickly by adhering to up-to-date educational research.

    • Easier: work smarter, not harder, by learning on your own time at your own pace.

    • Better: the results speak for themselves, as they have for thousands of K-12 students.

    • Greener: online education means no gas, no traffic, and no wasted time parking!

    • Thrifty: our free resources and optional paid micro tutoring model are the most affordable methods to learn music effectively.

    • More FUN: gain without the pain of outdated teaching methodologies.

    How it works.

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