Hello, my name is Courtney Vance! I’m currently serving as the Region 2 representative for Practicing Musician. I’m a new educator to the field, and just completed my third year of teaching.  Through my first two years of teaching, I realized the struggles of integrating technology to individualize instruction for all students. I have found that Practicing Musician is an equitable solution to close the learning gap and individualize learning for all. 

I recently got involved with Practicing Musician after learning about its mission. The mission of Practicing Musician is to provide students with equitable access to music resources, and to close the learning gap.  Practicing Musician’s tools are designed by educators for educators. This aligned perfectly with my philosophy of music education. It is my belief that music education is a vital key for every child to have a well-rounded educational experience. Throughout this experience, I have met amazing educators who share my same passion. I am excited for an upcoming opportunity that we are providing for current and future music educators. 

On July 22nd, Practicing Musician is offering a free summer music symposium. This symposium will feature sessions from world class educators such as Dr. Bret Smith (Professor of Music Education at Central Washington University), Katie Wardrobe (Music technology trainer and consultant) and Dr. Frederick Burrack (Director of Assessment at Kansas State University). Throughout the year, Practicing Musician will be offering weekly professional development workshops. I’m excited for the amazing opportunities this will provide for current and future music educators! See you on July 22nd!