Greetings, I’m Kim Lundgren – a Regional Representative for Practicing Musician’s Professional Development Roundtable and a National Board Certified Teacher in Music.

As a kid, making music is why I wanted to go to school every day. I loved the sound of beautiful melodies, interesting harmonies, complex rhythm, and the feel of music around me as I played in my school band and orchestra. It’s why I decided to be music educator. Music education supports student success in all content areas. Comprehensive music education programs help students develop creativity, collaboration skills, self control, positive self expression, organization, and it’s FUN. It’s still fun to make music, and technology supporting music educators has changed a lot.

At Practicing Musician’s Symposium on July 22, 2021 you can learn about the innovative music EdTech teaching and assessment tools created by Practicing Musician.

Presenters include:

  1. Dr. Frederick Burrack – Director of Assessment at Kansas State University, Chair of NAfME Assessment Special Research Interest Group, and Co-Chair in development of the Model Cornerstone Assessments
  2. Dr. Bret Smith – Professor of Music Education at Central Washington University and who led research, development, and piloting of the Ensemble Model Cornerstone Assessments.
  3. Katie Wardrobe – Founder and Director of Midnight Music, which provides workshops, conference presentations, and online training courses and ebooks.

Practicing Musician’s online resources are completely FREE to ensure equity of access for all students, and can be an excellent addition to any music education program. 

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