Music education has a direct impact on student learning in a variety of ways.  Students learn to read music, and also the joy of making music with others in instrumental or vocal music ensembles.  Through sequential music instruction students also learn collaboration, critical listening and thinking skills, creativity, positive self expression, positive self control, time management, and organization.  These are all valuable life skills students will use throughout their school career, and throughout their life

At Practicing Musician’s Symposium on July 22, 2021 you can learn about the innovative music EdTech teaching and assessment tools created by Practicing Musician. Come discover how the free sequential music, assessment tools, lesson plan templates, and more will support your students and music class instruction.

Presenters including Dr. Frederick Burrack – Director of Assessment at Kansas State University, Chair of NAfME Assessment Special Research Interest Group, and Co-Chair in development of the Model Cornerstone Assessments; Dr. Bret Smith – Associate Professor of Music Education at Central Washington University and who led research, development, and piloting of the Ensemble Model Cornerstone Assessments; and Katie Wardrobe – a music technology trainer and consultant; and Jake Douglas, CEO and Founder of Practicing Musician.  

Practicing Musician’s online resources are completely FREE to ensure equity of access for all students and music educators, and will be an excellent addition to any music education program format – hybrid, in person, flipped, etc.