Are you ready to take your music teaching to the next level? Practicing Musician (PM) invites you to join us for our transformative Summer Symposium 2024, “Your Passion, Their Success,” from July 8 to 22, 2024. This immersive event is tailored specifically for music educators and homeschool parents seeking to enhance their teaching skills, inspire their students, and win incredible prizes from our generous sponsors and contributors. 


Unlock Your Teaching Potential with Transformative Sessions

The PM Summer Symposium 2024 boasts an impressive lineup of both new and previous session topics, each led by renowned music educators passionate about sharing their expertise. Dive deep into essential topics such as:

– Developing strong sight-reading skills to empower your students

– Building a collaborative classroom culture that fosters growth and creativity

– Mastering effective rehearsal techniques to maximize learning outcomes

– Teaching students to play in tune for a polished, professional sound

Teaching Potential with Transformative Sessions

These sessions, led by esteemed educators like Mr. Joseph Girgenti, James Robinson II, Troy Peterson, and Dr. Robert Gifford, will provide you with actionable strategies and invaluable insights to elevate your teaching and inspire your students to reach new heights.

But that’s not all! The Symposium also covers a wide range of crucial topics, including advocating for music programs, improving string instrument skills, recruitment and retention, practical student assessment techniques, effective use of Practicing Musician, blend and balance, diverse music, and composers, maximizing student engagement, and DIY instrument repair hacks. With such a comprehensive lineup, you will leave the Symposium equipped with a wealth of knowledge and tools to transform your music classroom.

Win Big with Exciting Prizes from Our Generous Sponsors  

As if the incredible learning opportunities were not enough, attendees of the PM Summer Symposium 2024 also have the chance to win fantastic prizes from our valued sponsors and contributors. Our Gold Sponsor, Jupiter, has generously offered a sweepstakes prize of $1000 towards the purchase of a new band instrument. Additionally, you could win $25 gift certificates for music from JPM Publishing and digital gift certificates for a conductor’s baton from Heckman Batons. 

To enter the giveaway, simply complete the Symposium and adhere to the giveaway rules, found at Symposium Giveaway Rules. These incredible prizes are just another way PM demonstrates our commitment to supporting music educators and students in their musical journeys. 

symposium giveaway 2024

Do not miss this life-changing opportunity to learn from industry leaders, network with fellow passionate educators, and gain the tools and insights you need to take your teaching to new heights. Spaces are limited, so register now and secure your spot at the Practicing Musician Summer Symposium 2024. Join a vibrant community dedicated to the transformative power of music education and be part of a movement that ignites passion and inspires success. Register today!