Julia Winegardner, Orchestra Director at Piedmont IB Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Samuel Booth, Choir, Orchestra and Music Ministry at Bellarmine Prep, and Music Director of Tacoma Vocal Standard, in Tacoma, Washington.


Julia won the grand prize of four (4) brand new orchestra instruments and Samuel won the grand prize of seven (7) brand new band instruments, plus music stands.

When asked what she will be doing with her new orchestra instruments, Winegardner said, “I will be donating the instruments directly to the school. I am blessed with a job and a robust program, and getting four more instruments to kids will go a long way in our urban setting school, especially with more families under financial strain since March. Again, this could not have come at a better time!”

Samuel Booth is also looking forward to receiving his band instruments for the start of the school year.

Julia Winegardner

Samuel Booth

According to founder and CEO, Jake Douglass, “Practicing Musician’s Big Music Giveaway for K-12 Educators was a response to schools closures. Music educators were frantically trying to recreate what we already offer, so we decided to offer our service for free. We partnered with amazing instrument manufacturers and music education organizations to offer grand prizes and raise awareness about our cause. I’m glad we did, because 1,438 music educators who collectively teach 356,624 music students requested access. Based on the massive response, we’ve started the Music Educator Online Learning Project to train K-12 music educators in our development process. Organizing efforts to produce teacher-generated content will reduce each educator’s time commitment. We will host the teacher-generated content on our platform for free and provide our service free of charge to every educator and student who requests access forever.”

Practicing Musician wants to sincerely thank our partners Give a Note Foundation and International Music Education Summit for helping raise awareness about the Big Music Giveaway, and our partners at KHS America and Eastman for working with us to offer top-quality student models instruments as grand prizes.

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Give a Note Foundation

Practicing Musician is also proud to be a corporate member of NAfME:


With schools everywhere unsure of where they stand in September and critical programs at risk, it is more important than ever to make sure students have access to instruments and quality online music education. This is at the core of Practicing Musician’s Vision, “Every person everywhere joyfully engaged in music.” Learn more about Practicing Musician HERE.