Music saved my life. I want every student everywhere to have the same musical access and opportunity I did. And I want to make it easy for YOU to give it to them!

I’m am temporarily discontinuing development of my consumer service in favor of training K-12 music educators in our content production process. Through collaboration, we can create a completely free student AND teacher centered space for online music learning. It will look like this:

With the uncertainty surrounding this coming school year, music educators need to work together to create ONE centralized, FREE resource for students and teachers. Will this work?

YES! Wikipedia fast outgrew Microsoft’s big budget encyclopedia, Encarta, because Wikipedia contributors had intrinsic motivation to create a free resource.

Don’t worry – the 20 teachers already working with me are ready to train you. We will make it easy for you and we will support you!

The content we create together will be FREE for K-12 educators FOREVER.

With a few hundred educators volunteering the amount of time they can spare, we can create a FREE library of general music, choir, concert band and orchestra content for all skill levels for THIS FALL.

Our process is simple. Organize lesson plans and split up the work amongst educator volunteers.

The more volunteers, the less time commitment for each educator.

Volunteer roles include: Project Managers, Curriculum Designers, Video Producers, Sheet Music Composers/Arrangers, Video Editors, Content Managers, Curriculum Coordinators, Tech Support, Administrators, Educator Best Practice Advisors.

Project Manager roles will require a greater time commitment, but the skill set you will learn are invaluable.

Click HERE to fill out a quick 5 minute survey that will help us place you in a volunteer role. Spread the word to your colleagues. The more educators volunteer, the less work will be required of each educator.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with questions by emailing [email protected] or by calling (206)854-6076. I’m here to help.