Practicing Musician TeamworkThis is a Call To Action for all music educators concerned about their ability to implement effective learning under the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Practicing Musician, a Social Purpose Corporation, is spearheading a project to provide music educators free access to sequentially ordered video tutorials for general music, choir, and as many instruments as possible. Practicing Musician already has over 2,000 very high-quality tutorials that have been made free to K-12 educators and their students, and we are continuing to expand our library—but it will take time.

To accelerate the process and ensure the library is as comprehensive as possible for this coming school year, we are providing a special access area on our online learning platform for a teacher-generated library of tutorials. Teachers will work with Practicing Musician’s team to ensure continuity of lesson plans and the content will be teacher owned. All teacher-generated content will be made freely available to all K-12 music educators but will not be used by Practicing Musician for any for-profit activity.

By working together, each teacher willing to volunteer a few hours to create home-made video lessons will ensure teachers across the country will be able to quickly implement a comprehensive library of online learning programs.

If you’re interested in helping with this worthy effort, set up an interview for up to 25 minutes with Jake Douglass, CEO of Practicing Musician, to learn more and to talk about how you can help.

Set interview here:

We need teachers willing to make video tutorials, help with project administration, edit videos, and write questions for student assessment of conceptual tutorials. The more people who volunteer, the lower the time commitment required of each educator, and the larger the video tutorial library can be.