Sharing Vision and IdeasWe at Practicing Musician believe that every person everywhere should joyfully be engaged in music. To this end, our intent is to utilize our world-class music education program created by music teachers like you to ensure equitable access to K-12 music programs nationwide. With your assistance, we can collaboratively accomplish this mission.


Practicing Musician is looking for volunteers to join our Professional Development Roundtable, which will consist of Regional Representatives across the United States, to identify what professional development and/or teaching tools are needed in the field of music education. 

The Regional Representatives and Roundtable Chair will collaborate with the Practicing Musician administrative team in order to identify the professional development needs of teachers and facilitate training in those areas. 

Over the last few months, a team of over 140 educator volunteers – three of whom are writers of the National Core Arts Standards and Model Cornerstone Assessments – have joined forces with Practicing Musician to create a comprehensive online learning library and easy-to-distribute assignments that will be provided to K-12 music programs completely free of charge, forever. Practicing Musician lessons are organized such that educators can personalize learning and assign the content via the learning management system they already use, and all content is downloadable for students who do not have consistent or stable internet access at home.

We provide professional development on how to use our resources, and are developing additional training for educators who already use Practicing Musician as well as those who haven’t started yet. 

We are looking for music educators who share our vision and have the drive and willingness to help achieve it to join our team!

What’s in it for you? Network with like-minded and driven music educators from across the country, gain additional resume enhancing experiences, hone your presentation skills and be part of facilitating a revolution in music education.

If you are interested in joining a team that is revolutionizing music education,

please apply by clicking this link:


Mary Ellen Hodges – Burlington-Edison School District, Washington – “Thanks to Practicing Musician, my students are leaps and bounds ahead of where they normally are at this time in the year!”

Catherine Stadulis – Seattle Catholic Archdiocese, Washington – “My students are always asking, “when can we use Practicing Musician again?!” because they just have such a great time with the program.”

Valerie Coolidge – Oroville School District, Washington – “I am so grateful to still have my job (during covid) and know that it will grow thanks to Practicing Musician to supplement my teaching. It’s a life-saver!”

Shannon Hudgins – Stuttgart Public Schools, Arkansas – “This (Practicing Musician) is… a God send.”

Taylor Vega – Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Florida – “Thanks for providing me with these valuable resources for my music class!”

Stacey Peterik – Urbana School District #116, Illinois – “I appreciate you putting together all of these resources to help educators work with their students during this time (covid).”

David Roberson – Elko County School District, Nevada – “Thanks for providing all of this. I love the integration with Google Suite.”