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Practicing Musician, a social purpose corporation, has released a complete beginner program for low brass instruments created by an all-volunteer cohort of educators, hosted exclusively on the Practicing Musician platform. The newest low brass content release joins a suite of beginner content for band and orchestra instruments.

The low brass content announcement is the latest in an innovative approach to music education called the Music Educators Online Learning Project. Whether teaching virtually, hybrid, or in-person, Practicing Musician’s K-12 platform provides over 1,000 pre-made assignments that are easy to distribute on any learning management system. The learning method was developed by the writers of the Model Cornerstone Assessments and provides student lessons, assignments, lesson plans, and assessment best practices for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

In addition to the acclaimed standards-based curriculum, educators are welcome to create and house their own lessons on the Practicing Musician platform. Educators from around the globe can also stay connected via access to each other on the Facebook Group, “Music Educators Supporting Practicing Musician.” The group also provides access to the Practicing Musician team of experts.

Practicing Musician is a grassroots effort by the collaboration of hundreds of educator volunteers. At the time of this release, over 1,800 educators and approximately 400,000 students have access to Practicing Musician’s free K-12 content.

“We are thrilled to offer the Practicing Musician platform to any music educator across the globe. The Music Education Online Learning Project became a perfect fit to provide crucial development during this time of change”, said Jake Douglass, founder and CEO of Practicing Musician.

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About Practicing Musician: Practicing Musician is a social purpose corporation based in Seattle Washington. Founded by Jake Douglass in 2017, Practicing Musician is world-class online instrumental music education for everyone, everywhere. The organization works to support music educators as they utilize online curricula, tools, assessment tools, and online teaching methodologies in their classrooms, whether it be virtual or in-person. With a powerful commitment to providing equitable access to a musical education, the Practicing Musician K-12 method and content is always free to any K-12 music educator all over the world.