Hourly Personalized Mentorship for Homeschool Parents and Co-ops


Gives music education for one year

Have you always wanted to teach your children instrumental music education but felt you didn’t have the skill set? Don’t worry – we’ll mentor you. Whether you have an extensive background in music or none at all, our expert mentors will help you acquire the skill set necessary to facilitate your children’s music education.

Enjoy maximum customizability with one-on-one mentorship, or reduce your cost by purchasing hours to be used in a group mentorship setting with other homeschool families in your co-op. Either way, we’re confident you’ll come away with a completely new understanding of your role in your children’s music education.

Each hour you purchase is equal to one contact hour with your mentors. Your purchase includes the time our mentors will take to prepare your personalized resources and virtual workshops. Our mentors are also open to traveling for in-person mentorship, but you must pay for their travel, lodging, and per diem expenses.

Our personalized mentorship model is founded upon the most recent neurological and educational research. See our Foundational Learning Theory research for detailed information.

Please note – hours purchased for group mentorship cannot be split up so each family in the group receives one-on-one mentorship. We reduce our costs by reducing our administrative responsibility. The person who purchases the hours is responsible for coordinating your group’s schedule and requesting reimbursement from all families in your group.

There is no shipping cost when mentorship sessions are provided via video conference. You must pay for their travel, lodging, and per diem expenses if you want in-person mentorship.

We will fully refund your payment upon request until 24 hours before your first mentorship preparation meeting. After that time, we will not issue a refund.



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