About Practicing Musician

About Practicing Musician - 2017-04-16 12:42:02 UTC - Jake Douglass

The Practicing Musician will effectively make music education affordable and accessible for every single person, but we need your help! We are developing our foundational curriculum to beta test in the Fall. After the initial testing, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign, and we ask that anyone who believes that there should be equal opportunity surrounding music education share and help fund our campaign. Please keep reading for more information on our mission.

We believe that human beings have a natural born right to freedom. We also believe that true freedom can only exist when there is equal opportunity. Currently, there is not equal opportunity surrounding music education. Music education is a privilege. In fact, only 7.9% of the respondents to the 2010 census had played a musical instrument in the last 12 months (https://www.census.gov/prod/2011pub... - page 764).

Aldous Huxley once wrote, “after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” It speaks volumes about the society we have built that a significant portion of the population cannot fully express themselves because they cannot afford or do not have access to music lessons.

The Practicing Musician will be the catalyst that evolves music education from the currently limited scope of students to true equal opportunity; it will make music education affordable and accessible for everyone. Our grounded entry point into the industry will be an online subscription service to a music education database of pre-recorded video lessons. Each video will be accompanied by a written, verbatim transcription of the lesson, musical notation, an application that tells each student how well they performed the task, and a progress tracker. Essentially, we are creating a real life guitar hero so that anyone can learn to play any instrument.

We will initially produce content for the instrumentation of band and orchestra classes, as well as electric guitar, bass, piano, voice and drums. As our student base grows, we will expand our lessons to include as many instruments from as many cultures as possible.

Our initial student base will include elementary, junior high, and high school students, however we will market to their parents. Schools will be able to utilize our program as a free teaching tool in their classrooms. If the students would like to use the program outside of school, they will choose to pay $10 per month to gain access to the lessons for one instrument, $15 per month for access to two instruments, and $20 per month for access to the entire site.

It is understood that the internet is an incredible tool for information sharing. However, we deeply believe that the internet is not comparable to the teacher-student relationship that has been the prevailing method of education since time immemorial.

What will ultimately set our program apart from others is our dedication to these relationships. We believe that we have a social responsibility to evolve this method of teaching. In fact, we will donate 70-90% of our revenue to organizations that facilitate interpersonal music education or that conduct music therapy research (the latter to evolve the former). That’s right, we will only take $2 for our expense budget and donate the remaining $8, $13, or $18 to the aforementioned causes.

Although we will market directly to schools and their students, our content will be accessible to anyone that wants to learn to play a musical instrument. And not only can everyone be a practicing musician, everyone should want to be, because playing music promotes neural and cognitive development; it benefits our health and promotes spiritual well-being.

Jake Douglass